Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update after non-blogging

I have been feeling quit bad these last few weeks. I simply could not run as well as I usually do.

I tried going _slow_ for the three hour runs I had scheduled, but I tanked quite early on in each run. So I have failed to complete any of my 3hr runs. I have certainly not felt up to the training physically. My preparation has been badly disrupted by minor injuries - Back, right foot, Back again... So building up to the 3hr runs was not ideal.

The last three hour I was supposed to do, Sunday 12th 2010, I managed 2hr24min and 28km before I tanked. And it was not energy that was the problem. I simply had nothing left in my legs. They were hurting so badly, and unusually so. Just aching incredibly. I have not experienced anything like this, and I found myself groaning out loud trying to keep going.

It seems obvious I need rest. The next run after my awful Sunday run was Tuesday, and I was so sore in joints that I called it off. I recovered well enough to do my scheduled Wednesday run, but I was still not feeling great. I had to pull that one up short because of work issues!!

I had contemplated downgrading my Melbourne Marathon to the half, but I don't want to do that. I will hang in there, and see if I can get the rest of my training done perfectly from now on. It is taper time and the next Sunday run i 2hr30.. I have yet to manage a 2hr30 properly in the lead up, so I will see how I go with that.

My confidence has taken a big battering. I think after this marathon I may take a month off. Then swing to 10km and HM training. And nail that sub 40min 10km goal I have.