Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick summary of recent running activities

Easy run 2 Jan 2011

35 minutes incorporating Alkoomie Street ( steep hill )

Easy 35 minute run AND this is the seventh day running in a row

Took 2 days off, and swapped over to running in mornings from now on. Also did my training plan as in the above Google Calendar. For some reason the details don't show, need to fis that somehow. I get the correct display on my Android Phone though and it shows in the Calendar Application there.

In this run I did both Alkoomie and Adam Streets. My plan is to be able to do run up Alkoomie, Adam, Southwick, Prospect and Crownw Streets all in one long run. And do that regularly.

Yesterdays easyish 35 minutes. I struggled with this one after the hills the day before, and I felt a little sick before and during the run.

This is today's run, felt much better but still pretty tired.

I have had REALLY sore heels these last few days. This morning I used wheat bag, heated to pre warm my heels before the run, and that helps a lot. SO I will do that from now on. Will ice and heat treat feet tonight too.

Overall though, progress is quite good. Heart rate for a given effort is decreasing steadily so I am getting fitter.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year.

Saw the New Year in with a run New Years Eve, just a short one:

I sought out a local step hill, Prospect Street just for fun, and run up that - I had to walk the last section. I may return to that hill as I train this year preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon just to gauge how I am going. I would like to be strong enough to run up it 10 times, so we shall see how we go :)

On New Years Day, I ran home from Manly in the afternoon - Badly hungover !!

That run was very hard, legs were very fatigued and I felt heavy.

Today I did I nice 50 min run at a comfortable pace. And for the first time since I returned to training I felt pretty good during the run. I was VERY hot thi afternoon, but I still felt ok.

So now I have to sort out my training plan. I think so fat I have handled running every day quite well. My training plan will have most often 6 running days a week.