Friday, April 20, 2012

Have returned to regular running and training for a 10km race

Have returned to regular running, first run 28 March 2012. I am not completely recovered, but altogether much better.

Have decided to enter the Gold Caost 10km race on the Saturday before the Marathon that is run on Sunday. 10 weeks to go. It is the first time I have ever trained specifically for a 10km race, so it will be interesting. I actually expect specific speed training to have quite a significant influence because I have always been pretty fast.

The training has three core runs, a speed day, a cruise interval day and a long run of between 60 and 70 minutes. And I can do what ever recovery runs in the week that I wish to do, but at least one. Each core run has a pace to achieve too.
For the cruise intervals I need to get 4min12 or better per km, and I managed exactlt that for the two 5minute sessions Wednesday 18 April:

I did an easy recovery run last night 19 April:

I have raved on in earlier posts about a stepped plan where I graduate to longer runs after achieving certain goal distance/pace. I will skipp that rubbish and simply focus on 10km races - and when I can do a 10km race flat out, and sub 40, I will consider doing half marathons and marathons again. I have a lofty expectation todo around 38 or maybe 37 minutes for 10km, that will be 4 minutes quicker than my current PB, achieved in July 2010 after my first Marathon at GC. That was done with little speed focus though.

I am handling regular shorter runs quite ok so far. Quite low weekly km's:

Last week of March - 21km
First week April - 30km
Second week April 30km
Third week April - 25km so far