Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 25 Feb 2009
Time: 34 minutes 21 seconds
Distance: 6.5629
Approx Speed: 11.46 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 150
Google Ped: route

Didn't look at time at all - Ran from Hemmant Station to Wynnum North Station, to get car. Ended up setting a pace similar to the previous run.

Felt very comfortable even after running two days in a row. Progress is being made I think.

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 24 Feb 2009
Time: 41 minutes 13 seconds
Distance: 7.8758
Approx Speed: 11.46 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 156
Google Ped: route

This was a much better run than my last. Slight head ache, but more energy. Pace was pretty good and I could have gone faster.

I also did a much more thorough warm up this time - 15 minutes total, including stretches and jog/sprint sequence. Ended up with heart rate at about 136 bpm when I started the run.

Something that had not occurred to me is that if I begin with a normal resting heart rate the average will be skewed to a lower value. So previous heart rate averages where I have not been warming up properly are not accurately representing my fitness.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 22 Feb 2009
Time: 40 minutes
Distance: none
Approx Speed:
Average Heart Rate: ...
Google Ped: none

Christine and I went to an afternoon birthday party and did some lawn bowling ( Thanks Marcela and Matt !! ) so we did the planned run in the morning instead my usual early evening. I had been feeling a little flat with a headache, and bit of stomach ache for the last two days, and had not slept well at all either.

We took off at around 7:30AM, without a decent warm up. It was too hot by that time, we should aim to get going by 6:00AM to avoid the heat. The heat did not hinder me that much. I got to about 20 miuntes and my head was aching really badly, and I had no energy at all. So I stopped, washed face, drank water, and jogged back.

So, no distance recorded, I estimate it was about 7km's. I have been feeling crappy since Friday 20 Feb, and today is 24 Feb, still feeling the effects. I have another 40 minute run planned for today, and am going to buy a new pair of shoes. My existing ones are shagged!! I hope I will feel ok and get a good run in today.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Planned run 6 x 1 minute speed with 45 second standing rest

Date: 20 Feb 2009
Time: 12 minutes
Distance: none
Approx Speed:
Average Heart Rate: 165
Google Ped: none

Planned run has me doing 1 minute at speed with a 45 second standing rest. I did the first three ok, but just about exploded as I gasped for breath in the last three. The last one was pretty hard. I have 6x 2minute runs at speed same time next week, with a 1 minute rest between.

Had no problems with heels or knees, but now have an ache in my right inside lower calf. Just behind the shin. It feels like a muscle thing, so not too concerned.

I have another rest day tomorrow, and my legs will like it ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 18 Feb 2009
Time: 40 minutes 4 seconds
Distance: 7.5292 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 11.27501 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 152
Google Ped: route

Planned 40 minute run today follows yesterday where I did a 44 minute one. Running without rest day meant I was not as fresh. I took it reasonably easy but still tightened up at around 30 minutes.

The average speed is slightly faster than yesterday's run, which surprised me. Heart rate seems to support that I did run slightly faster.

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 17 Feb 2009
Time: 44 minutes 22 seconds
Distance: 8.1249 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 10.99 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 151
Google Ped: route

This is the very first planned run in my 20 week program. I deliberately took it a little easier, trying to keep heart rate down by reduced pace - because of the increased workload this plan is bringing. But it seems that I habitually reach a pace that 'feels' right once I stop concentrating and end up going a little faster.

So, theoretically if I am able to increase fitness overall and string 2 hours continuous running together at the pace that I seem to naturally gravitate to, I will be able to do a 2 hour half marathon. Nothing like naive optimism in the first week of twenty :)

The run felt good, no specific aches and pains. A 40 to 50 minute run is definitely a point where I start tightening up and it becomes a grind towards the end. So hopefully the point where I start tightening up will be shifted substantially after a few weeks increased work load.

I am till wary of my right heel, as it still twinges all the time, not just running but walking around too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Planned run 50 minutes

Date: 15 Feb 2009
Time: 54 minutes 44 seconds
Distance: 9.7914 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 10.73 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 153
Google Ped: route

This is the last planned run for the 9 week summer preparation program I have been following ( From Gold Caost Marathon web site ). I begin the new 20 week program that prepares for the half marathon on Tuesday 17th February 2009. The new program is quite daunting - two 40 minute runs in two days, one day rest and a speed run, one day rest and a 50 minute run on Sunday in just the first week. And just a couple of weeks into the program it has me doing over 1 hour runs. It is clear that the work load is much higher, so I have to get serious in warmups and stretching so as to avoid injury.

I was supposed to do 50 minutes for this run, but it worked out that the train station I got out at is slightly further than I estimated. I also ran a little slower than I wanted. There is a stretch of road we call the 'Mad Mile' on Wynnum Road, just after the intersection of Wynnum Road and Manly Road. This stretch is pretty bad to run on - about 100 metres of good foot path, and then crappy road shoulders with trees, tree branches across the paths, gravel, potholes and mud puddles for the rest. In some areas there are trees and bushes all the way to the road edge, forcing you to go onto the road. The road has two lanes, and a speed limit of 80km/h, and the cars don't seem to take a pedestrians into account at all. This section slowed me down as I was running at sundown, trying to avoid hurting myself. I won't take this route again, it's horrible.

The route includes a few hills too, and that tends to slow me down a little. It is a good route in that respect, as I have read that mixing medium gradient hills with flat is a good way to train, so I will probably incorporate part of the route in future runs - and simply avoid the 'Mad Mile'.

The distance from Cannon Hill train station to the intersection of Wynnum Road and Manly Road is about 4.3 km, and I did that in 23 minutes. So I was on a pace to do 5 km in 25 minutes. One of my goals is to do sub 25 minutes for 5km, and 50 minutes for 10km's. I feel that these goals are achievable, and will be a good indicator of my fitness.

It appears that I am able to run sub 1 hour for 10 km right now, based on this run, so I have a reasonable gauge of where I am at right now fitness wise. Also, my heel seems ok, so sign of the pain. I certainly felt the distance, ended up quite tired after. I also had a strange pain in my left foot in the arch, within the muscle. I iced it for about an hour. Next day it was fine, so it must have been a cramp or something.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Planned run 30 minutes

Date: 13 Feb 2009
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: 5.3337 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 10.66 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 149
Google Ped: route

No sign of pain in my heel, so I think I am on the improve. Hanging in there time wise, and feeling quite comfortable running about 5km in around 30 minutes. One more run this Sunday 15th February 2009 and I will have completed the '9 week summer plan'. I haven't recorded all the runs I have done here in the blog.

From 16th Feb there is a new 20 week program that I will follow in my preparation for a half marathon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Planned run 30 Minutes

Date: 11 Feb 2009
Time: 31 minutes
Distance: 5.5821 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 10.80 km/h
Average Heart Rate: 147
Google Ped: route

Managed to get a run in today, after hurting my right heel. It twinges a little but was no-where near as bas as the last time I ran was a :Planned Run 35 Minutes

So that was 4 days rest in total. I plan to use cold on the heel tonight, and alternate warm/cold for a couple of days.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Missing planned runs due to sore foot

I have missed planned run Sunday 8 Feb 2009, a 50 minute one. My right heel is still a little sore, but is definitely getting better.

Hoping to be able to get out on Tuesday 10 Feb 2009 for a planned run. Shall see how it goes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Planned run 35 minutes

Date: 6 Feb 2009
Time: 34 minutes
Distance: 5.3337 km Approximately
Approx Speed: 9.41
Average Heart Rate: 144
Google Ped: route

Planned run for Friday night, 35 minutes. I ran the night before, doing hills, and I think not resting a day has led to an injury. As soon as I started running I felt pain in my right heel. It hurt for the whole run and continues to be painful next day. It looks like it is some sort of Achilles pain, according to my searches.

I am a little frustrated with this - the treatment is rest, easy stretches, ice and elevation. I will have to see how I go as I have another week of running planned beginning Sunday 8 Feb 2009 with a 50 minute run.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Planned run 8x 300m hills with jog recovery

Date: 5 Feb 2009
Time: 39 minutes 35 seconds
Distance: 4.8 km Apprximately
Approx Speed: No point
Average Heart Rate: 152
Google Ped: No point, too short a distance

The training program I follow is from the Gold Coast Marathon Training Diaries. I am doing the Intermediate to Advanced Summer Program right now. This is supposed to prepare you for entering the 20 week Half Marathon training program which prepares you for running the Half Marathon. The 20 week program will be available from 16th Feb 2009 from the Gold Coast Marathon Training Diaries section..

This week I am doing the increased work load of :

Tuesday 35 minutes run
Wednesday 8x300m hills with jog recovery
Friday 35 minutes run
Sunday 50 minutes run

I actually missed my Wednesday 8x300m hills because I had been working all day in my garage, lining the ceiling, putting up cornice and a man hole. I was too shagged to run so I did the hills run on Thursday ( last night ).

The hill I have chosen is a very easy one, but the 8 x repetition gets me in the legs. I can do 6 and feel reasonably fresh, then the last 2 begin to hurt a little more.

So far no aches or pains or specific injury. So feeling pretty good.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Planned 35 minute run

Date: 3 Feb 2009
Time: 36 minutes 6 seconds
Distance: 7.1921 km
Approx Speed: 11.9 km/h
Average Heart Rate: 155
Google Ped: route

Went faster than last run because it was a shorter one. Felt good with no aches or pains.
Thought it would be interesting to work out the average speed.

Previous run - Planned 50 minutes - I took relatively easy, heart rate stayed at around 146 average, up to 150, and I did approximately 11.5km/h pace.

For this run - Planned 35 minutes - I deliberately ran harder, and felt it. Heart rate was way up in comparison to the previous run at 155 average. Yet the speed was only 11.9 compared to 11.5 km/h.

What I know now is that 11.9 is just on 25 minutes for 5km. So I have learned something.

Also, I think is not perfectly accurate, so the distances and speed will be used as a guide.

Planned 50 minute run

Date: 1 Feb 2009
Time: 50 minutes
Distance: 9.5 km
Approx Speed: 11.4 km/h
Average Heart Rate: 146
Google Ped route

Felt pretty weary, no pains or aches, so pretty good.

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