Wednesday, October 24, 2012

An update on training and other stuff - New Job!!

A lot has happened since my last update :

- Hip was sore and it got worse
- Also beginnings of what seemed a benign and insignificant sore left leg became much worse
- My work got in the way of training and that sort of saved me - a bit. Extremely tight deadlines lead to my missing a lot of running.
- I changed jobs, starting a new one on 2nd October
- Other things in my life added to significant stress and distress - over indulgence, clashes with people, words said etc.

The big end result of all the above was I got a little sick, stopped running for a bit, stopped eating properly, lost about 3kgs.

BUT things are a little better now. Stresses reduced but not gone, health is far better. However I still need to attend to a few things that are bothering me!! Until these things are resolved I am not a particularly happy man.

As far as injuries are concerned, heels are better now than they have been since May 2010. Left heel, no problems at all, the right has slight problem. I still don't think I can handle full Marathon training, so I am sticking with my loose plan - When I break 40min for 10km I have permission to train for a Marathon again. Its going to take a while!!

As far as left leg problem I mentioned, it seems to float around a bit. Aches in knee one moment, then something that _feels_  like shin splints. Gets better with no running so I suspect thats what I have to do.

Been going to the gym more and more, doing a few things that won't build bulk but should help core strength and maintain muscles all over. I am going to try and do a lot more endurance sessions in the gym, ie:

- 15 min on rowing machine
- 12x something resistance training for upper body
- 15min on cross trainer
- 12x something resistance training for upper body
- 15min on stairs machine
- 12x something resistance training for upper body
- 15min on stationary bike
- 12x something resistance training for upper body


Maybe build this up to a couple of hours a few times a week. And do short fastish runs 2-3 times a week. All this until I can feel that I can handle long runs again.

Its been such a LONG time getting over these heel problems. Many times I contemplate the question "why am I desiring to do marathons again?", with all the misery the training has caused. The answer is easy, and the reason I won't give it up is sign of how stubborn I can be. My first Marathon, I was in the best shape ever for the distance. But a stupid and idiotic unforeseen problem caused me to go far slower than I was capable of. I want to fulfil that potential. Maybe just once will be enough..