Friday, February 17, 2012

Injury status update

Have not posted for 15 days. I have been feeling quite low, dejected that I cannot run. Frustration was at its highest ever for me and was a very destructive feeling.

I needed to snap out of it and look forward to good things. The problem is that I build up expectations, and those expectations have been dashed so many times with my heel problems.

Anyway, things are looking brighter, my heel are feeling almost completely 'normal' as of the last few days. I have ben walking my dog regularly, wearing no shoes. My theory is that IF lack of stability and strength has been a contributing factor in my heel problems, then at least barefoot walking will allow muscles to work a little better.

I certainly feel that barefoot walking has been beneficial, and it certainly has done no harm what-so-ever. I was repeatedly warned by physio and Dr to avoid barefoot, use wedge shaped heel lifts and all that, but I always felt the exact OPPOSITE felt better. I recall that I used to run in my running flats and things would actually feel better.

Anyway, I have hatched yet another plan to get me back to running properly. One day I want to be able to train like an ADVANCED marathon running should. That is run 6 days a week, be able to run on Saturday AND do a long run Sunday, get relatively high mileage that a good Marathon runner needs to do.  So I need to gradually build to that work load. I do feel that the FIRST program is valid and will work for me, and will do that one day, but for now I was to establish a good BASE from which I begin a good running and training plan.

What I am doing is taking the Gold Coast Marathon ADVANCED training program for 2012, and walking it. If I cannot walk then there is no hope of running!!! The training schedule starts this week, with the first long run (walk in my case )  of 2hrs this weekend. The bonus is I can take our dog, so he will be very happy about that.

I will walk the training plan for 4 weeks - with lots of Cross Training on CT machine as well, and do the interval sessions on the CT too. After 4 weeks I will try running 5 minutes in the middle of the walk. Do that for maybe three weeks depending on how it feels. And gradually build up to full running sessions.

I am also harboring the desire to do the Gold Coast Marathon again this year. If I do that will be three in a row. What is it about achieving streaks that is so appealing? I know I have written in this blog about my futrue plans and switching to just 10km races until I reach my goal of sub 40, and the goal based training.. But I also realise that this sort of training places greater strain on  my body, when it is OBVIOUS that my body has not handled it very well. So I am slowly changing my mind, maybe a strong endurance base where I prove I can take that is best? And maybe I can get another GC Marathon done, with four months to go? The race will not be pretty if thats what I do...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CT sessions and injury management

Did 30min on CT 30 jan 2012, and have been doing vigorous heel drops. Strapped both heels and remarkable recovery again has occured, both heels feel really good right now.

I had a long walk with the dog this morning, 1 Feb 2012, and did a fast 20min on CT, then vigorous heel drops again.