Friday, October 30, 2009

Bron Bay Lighthouse 10km race

Date: Sun, Oct 25, 2009 5:58 AM
Avg Pace: 04:54 min/km
Distance: 10.19 km

This is quite a tough race, with a climb of 87 metres in about 3km's, plus a 2km stretch along Tallows Beach. We did what we could to get as many hills in as possible, but there are none in our area that really match this one.

I got to the top completely shagged, and went to grab two cups of water at the station - Picked up two empty cups, so had to run around again to get some water.. I was resolved to run at the stations, but walked round, and lost a fair bit of time.

The beach section was anothr thing I am not at all used to. There was a bit of soft sand to run on to reach the wet / hard area, and that sucks a lot of eenergy out of you. I definately need to get better general fitness so I can handle the vriety that this race provided.

Overall, considering th really bad preparation I have done, disruptions due to my knee problem, I did ok. Am really happy to have completed the run and had a great time afterwards, staying in a nice resort and relaxing the rest of the day.

Planned run 60 minutes

Date: Sun, Oct 18, 2009 7:33 AM
Avg Pace: 05:10 min/km
Distance: 12.01 km

First longer run in ages, in preparation for the Byron Bay Lighthouse race. It feels like I am recovering slowly from the knee problem.

No fast running in this one at all.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Unplanned 3km TT

Date: Fri, Oct 16, 2009 6:54 PM
Avg Pace: 04:11 min/km
Distance: 3.00 km

I decided I needed to do a time trial to get a handle on pacing. My training schedule has been totally disrupted, so it could not hurt any.

I did 12:32 for 3km tonight. The second best I have done. Heart rat was elevated compared to that run too, but only slightly. Considering the poor training I have been doing, I think I am doing ok. The RPM classes are holding my fitness and possibly improving it.

In this run my pace was more consistent - 4:04 for the first lap, 4:03 for the second. I turned around to do the last 1km lap, so that slowed me a bit. Ended up with a 4:23 in the last lap.

I also did my best ever 10km race last Sunday, averaged just under 4:30min/km. So I am heading in the right direction.

Given some decent training I feel I will make some big improvements. Looking back on my blog, I was at a good peak at around August 6 and got sick. From then, I hurt my knee pretty soon after, and I have had little chance to improve. I am determined to look after my body and run for the long term, so I will rest appropriately when ever injuries are present.

Gym RPM class

Date: Thu, Oct 15, 2009 12:15 PM

Did a 50min RPM class, pushed myself much harder than ever before in the gym. Knee is quite ok after these classes so it is a good way to gain fitness.

Planned run 50 min

Date: Wed, Oct 14, 2009 6:00 PM

I attempted this run scheduled on Wednesday 14 October 2009. My knee was a bit too sore to run, and I had a pain in my ankle.

The day of the 10km race ( Sunday 11 Oct ) after we got home, I bashed my ankle on something and bruised it pretty badly. A few days later as I left work (Wed afternoon) I twisted my ankle slightly. It seemed to aggravate the bruise, and it began to really hurt.

I took off to do the 50min run, got less than 1km in and had to stop due to the pain in ankle and knee. I could have kept going but I have learned my lesson. I am not going to risk aggravating any injuries!!

I got home, iced it and rested. The bruise was really apparent and is ever so slightly sore now. Knee is getting marginally better

Unplanned hill reps

Date: Tue, Oct 13, 2009 6:17 AM
Avg Pace: 06:07min/km
Distance: 3.85 km

Christine felt she needed some hill runs to help prepare for the Byron Bay Lighthouse run we are doing on 25 October. It has a large hill about 1.5km into the 10km race, and it will take a lot out of us.

I felt pretty crap on the morning of this run, and the pace shows that. The knee is stilla problem but held up ok.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Planned run 10 km race

Date: Sun, Oct 11, 2009 6:29 AM
Avg Pace: 04:29 min/km
Distance: 10.20 km

This race was hosted by Brisbane Road Runners Club. We heard about them through a friend of ours that is a member. The race was a great course along the road next to the Brisbane River at West End, starting at the South Brisbane Sailing Club. We joined the club on the day and received a free entry to the race which was a pleasant surprise.

My preparation for the run has been severely hampered by my bad knee. I have had only one training run in two weeks. The rest has been good for the knee though, it is getting better all the time. Today the knee did not trouble me at all, only during warm up, and after the race during warm down. I still cannot stretch properly without pain, and it is still awkward in normal day to day movement.

I really do think that the RPM classes have help me greatly, it is a good aerobic workout combined with endurance. Also it works thighs, backside and even calves to help condition for running. The best thing is that it does this with a whole lot less stress on the body (knees, feet, hips), and so allows recovery from running to happen too. This lines up with what a lot of literature says about the best way to train for running.

I did 10km in 44.59 on my watch. The course seems to be about 200 metres further than exactly 10km, which is not really a problem. My watch says I did the 10.2km course in 45:53 but I took off at the start about 20-30 seconds after the official start, so I expect the 'official' time to be about 20-30 seconds more..

I went far too fast at the start doing the first 1km in 4:07. The first 4km were all under 4:30 pace. I slowed at the 5th km and did 4:37, and that was at one of the very small hills on the course. Managed another 4:29 at the 6th km. 7th and 8th km were 4:35, and from then on I died in the arse. The 9th km I stopped at a water station and walked while drinking. That was an excuse to slow down and catch a rest, and I am a little disappointed in myself for doing that. The very thing that makes a huge difference is this is consistency, and stopping to walk has a big impact on the overall time. In this case I think I lost a good 30 seconds. I won't be doing that ever again. The last 2 km's were 4:52, 4:43, which is not too bad.

Overall I am quite satisfied with the run. My pace early on was a big surprise, and I really do think that given a few weeks of good trouble free training to sharpen up, as well as RPM and strength training in the gym, I can get even faster. My short term aim was initially to get a 43min 10km race done and I think if I get a few good runs in that is a pace I can do really soon. That will be average 4:18 pace per km.

I should aim higher though and get a 4:10 pace for 10km (break 42min).. From there a 40min flat is the next step.

Oh yeh I did the 8km split in this race in 35:24 which pretty good too. Nearly a full 3 minutes quicker than my last 8km race back in March. My previous 10km race was done 26 April this year and I did 48:08 then. So I have definitely improved - by 2 minutes.

Gym crosstraining RPM classes

While I am recovering from my bad knee I have been doing a few RPM classes - a quick explanation of what happens:

- Instructor with microphone
- Terrible music !!! Several 'tracks'
- Exercise bike with a good load control feature
- 45 minutes to an hour
- Various combinations of speed, high load, standing, sitting and even stretching

What this does is reduce the stress on legs, but gives muscles a good workout. The best part though is the aerobic workout. It gets the heart rate way up and I really do think I have received significant benefit from it. I have only done three sessions, but I think I will icorporate as many as I can in a week.

I think I will re-arrange my schedule to have an extra day off from running in the week and supplement with an RPM class, I am sure it will result in a faster pace in general.

Unplanned run, and other cross traing work

No point recording things in the usual way, I have had a week or so off trying to recover from my bad knee.

I did one run on Tuesday October 6, ran for nearly an hour at a deliberately slow pace. Managed average pace of 5.06 min/km. I put in a bit of speed at the 6th and 7th km doing about 4.36 pace.

The route I took has a few undulating hills just so I could get a bit of a workout. I like the route and will use it a lot.