Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finally back to the road

It really does seem that I break down toward the end of the year. Pattern has repeated three years in a row, to varying degrees of 'breakdown'.

2010, heels
2011, heels
2012, hip and health in general

I have noticed that I have gotten weaker,especially in the legs in recent months. I have a back problem long term, more than 35 years, and I have had aches and pains for the last few months too.

Things are gradually getting better again, and I hve decided to try and improve strength in general using a few machines at the gym.

My hip is ALMOST completely better now too, to the extant that I can actually run without it twinging. I may be on the way to complete health, and injury free, heels also much better. I have been doing minimal running, but slowly getting back to it again.

I am ever hopeful that I can do some decent training again beginning now, and build up to doing another Marathon on 2013. I am today feeling optimistic and determined, and physically up to the task. Those have not been present at the one time since January 2010!!!