Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday 5 September 15km run

So far this week:

- Sunday 10km race 42 minutes
- Monday 16km easy 5:03 pace - It was not easy, much muscle fatigue and sore
- Tuesday full day off, but hit gym for strength work, it was good. Still slight sore in belly muscles as I worked them harder than usual
- Wednesday 15km over hilly course. 5:05 pace, but fatigue was quite high.
- Thursday today, no gym no run. Feel I needed the day off.

I will run tomorrow, Friday 7 September, a super easy 10km most likely, then I have the first ParkRun on Saturday. That will be my speed run for this week.

I have had a sore right hip since the run on Monday, and its still sore now, a good sign that I worked too hard this week. Hoping its not anything serious, it does not exactly bother me while running, but feels like if it gets worse it might.

As I write this today, Thursday September 6 I am actually feeling pretty crap, tired and slightly under the weather. So the day off may well be needed.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

16km run day after the Bridge to Brisbane

Yesterday, Monday 3 September, did a 16km run. It felt pretty good, was supposed to be a recovery run, but I extended it to se how 16km feels these days.

I had not done that distance for quite a while, and with the muscle soreness from the race the day before, it all added up. Quite sore again, especially glutes. Energy levels were great, just leg fatigue.

I hit the gym this morning for my new 'usual' routine and have had a day off running entirely. I will probably do another longer run tomorrow, hopefully 17 or 18km if I have the time for it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Races I aim to do for the rest of the year - aim is to break 40min for 10km's

There are a number of key training runs and races I want to do in the next couple of months. I want to break 40 min for 10km. Given the progress I have made in the last few months, getting my 10km average PACE down from 4:27min/km at Gold Coast to 4:08 at the Bridge to Brisbane, I think its a distinct possibility I can do it.

So the key runs and races I want to to in the lead up to the 5km Wynnum Twilight 5km race:

- This week all easy distance runs, at least 10km each day. Recovery week, plus gym Tuesday, Thursday
- Saturday 8/Sunday 9 September On weekend  EDIT I want to hit the Gateway Bridge and do the hills there 4-5 times. I found that it affected my cruise pace significantly two weeks before the B2B Need more recovery, instead and doing the inaugural ParkRun Wynnum foreshore, a 5km 'race'. 

- Week beginning 10 September I fly to Mel, back on 12 in the afternoon. Want to do so serious speed work in this week, 400's 200's, with standing rest, really fast and probably 15 x 400, 20 x 200, plus my usual 10-16km easy runs.

- Weekend of 15 and 15 September EDIT  I want to hit the Gateway Bridge again, do the hills 4 or 5 times. Change of plan here too, another ParkRun on Wynnum foreshore, Saturday

- Week beginning 17 September I will do similar work to what I did last week leading up to the B2B as it seemed to work well. It was just a 12km mid week run, a set of 12 x 200 plus floating recovery and a 5 x 400 with float recovery

- Saturday 22 September        4:00PM  Twilight Wynnum            5km    . A tune up race, I fully expect to break 20mins for this run. If I don't something has gone wrong.

- Week beginning Monday 24 September, recovery week, a few 10-12km runs at easy pace and at least one 16km+

- I start my new job on October 2, but in that week I want to do a few absolute speed 200, 400 reps. Standing rest really fast, 15-20 x  200,   and 10-12 x 400  plus the usual weekly long

- Sunday 7 October            6:00AM  3x5km relay            5km    . We will likely just front up and see if we can form a team on the day.

- Week beginning 8 October,   12x200 plus float,   and 5-10 x 400 plus float. Plus an easy 12km, this is a taper week leading up to my 10km race in Toowoomba.

- Sunday 14 October            7:30AM  Toowoomba Marathon        10km    .  This 10km race will likely be the last official race I can enter and get the sub 40. Hoping the 5km tuneups will have helped me there.

- Week beginning 15 October, I will do recovery after the Toowoomba race, and do 10km easy runs, and a 16-18km long.

- Week beginning 21 October, is a raw speed week, since I am HOPING I will have done my sub 40 10km, and I can switch a bit to 5km race target. So I will do 200's, 400', 600's,  etc all max pace and standing rests.

-  Thursday 1 November        5:15PM  Cool Night Classic        5km       . This is the day I do my best ever 5km IF I can negotiate the crowd and the dinky paths.

- All easy runs in the next few days, leading up to another 10km club race

-  Sunday 4 November            6:00AM  BRR 10km  handicap        10km   - Another chance to break 40 ...

- I will be switching to all easy long runs from this point on, and once a week absolute speed  form runs, 200's and 400s  with standing rest

- Sunday 18 November        6:00AM  BRR 10km                10km     - Yet another chance to break 40.

- All easy long uns, and a weekly raw speed session, 200 or 400
- Sunday 2 December            6:00AM  BRR 10km                10km

From 2 December onward, I want to build distance with easy long runs, and a weekly raw speed run. I am hoping that by this tim I will have broken 40min for 10km at least once, - maybe fours times !! So I will have permission to begin my build up for a new round of marathon training beginning in January

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bridge to Brisbane 2012

Did the B2B this morning. Made progress, my PB is now 42 minutes for a 10km race. However my watch reads an extra 100 metres compared to last year., and the Garmin Connect data shows  41:28  for exactly 10km's.

Progress so far this year:

10km race GC at 4:27 average June 30
 16 days
10km race J2J at 4:20 average July 15
 6 days
10km race FUnRun at 4:18 average July 21
14 days
10km at Bris Run Fest 4:14 average  August 5
21 days later
5km TT   20.11 , 4:02 average pace
7 days later
10km race Bridge to Brisbane, 4:08 average on 2 September

I have done 5 10km races this year over a period just under three months, and average pace over the distances have come down - 4:27, 4:20, 4:18, 4:14, 4:08.  I think given this progress, and if I remain uninjured and do not get ill, its pretty good chance I can break 4min/km over 10km in the next month or so.

My training really is working, very satisfying.