Thursday, March 26, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 25 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 24 seconds
Distance: 7.3884km
Approx Speed: meh kmh
Average Heart Rate: 144
Google Ped: route

Planned run after doing an 'unplanned' run in the morning of the same day. In total I did :

5.4897 + 8.4972 + 7.3884 = 21.3753 km's

That is over two days, so no wonder I feel a bit crap. The distance is approximately equivalent to a half marathon, so I need to get to the point where I can string these runs together one after the other. I think that no matter how much preparation I did it is going to hurt a bit :).

The run was quite difficult, I tightened up badly, I don't recall the last time I felt like that. I have only felt that bad when I first began running over a year ago now. So I am having today ( Thursday ) off and running Friday morning. I will stick to my running plan and won't through in any more extra runs this week - the extra I did yesterday morning had the effect I wanted :)

Still no specific injuries right now, and I have a 1 hour 20 minute run to do on Sunday. I _hope_ I that it will reveal a tangible improvement to the last long run I did.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unplanned run 30 minutes

Unplanned run 30 minutes
Date: 25 March 2009
Time: 27 minutes 45 seconds
Distance: 5.4897km
Approx Speed: meh kmh
Average Heart Rate: 138
Google Ped: route

Unplanned run means I don't have the run in my training program. Nice leisurely pace this morning, took off at about 6:00AM, and returned at almost exactly 6:30AM. Ran to the waterfront, and a few km's along there. Stopped to have a stretch and ran back home.

The time I took is inclusive of stretching and warm up so it was a very easy run , short distance. What I ultimately want to be able to do is take off for a morning run every day, with training runs on top of that. This way I have a base fitness that has a short 30 minute run in the morning as a normal day, then build on that for training. When I am not training for a half marathon, I will simply fall back to the regular 30 minute runs in the AM.

I will see how it goes, as I want to be careful that it is not too much of a work load and leads to injury. So I will probably just do the extra AM runs when my body feels like it can do it ;)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 24 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 29 seconds
Distance: 8.4972km
Approx Speed: 12.59 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 150
Google Ped: route

First run after the race - I suddenly seem to be able to go faster now, which is pleasing. I got some muscle cramps during the run, and ended up slightly sore. Probably because I am going faster I guess.

Also, I ran with Christine for about five minutes, at about 12 minutes into my run. For five minutes I ran a little slower so as to help Christine feel what a 5 minutes 1 km pace feels like, helping her to build some speed. So even with a slow pace for 5 minutes, I still ended up with a faster pace than my race on Sunday.

I might do a run tomorrow morning as well as tomorrow night, as a feel I can manage that physically.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Planned run 10km race

Date: 22 March 2009
Time: 38 minutes 38 seconds
Distance: 8.0km
Approx Speed: 12.42 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 161

This was a 8km run at Runaway Bay (fun run/race). Did a reasonable pace, better than I have ever done for 8km in many years. No injuries at all, very happy with that!! Today's run was supposed to be either a 10km race or a 1 hour 20 minute run. But the place we ran at only had an 8km!. It was nice to do a shorter distance anyway.

This week is a 'recovery week' where I have three 40 minute runs and a 1 hour 20 minute for Sunday. I am supposed to do 'no fast running' this week, but I feel like throwing in an extra run to do some speed trials again. I feel that I would benefit from it, as I think I need to improve my 8km and 10km pace, and speed running should help with that.

Planned run 10x30 second speed, 30 second jog recovery

Date: 19 March 2009
Time: 30 minutes
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 165
Google Ped: meh

Ran at speed, did a proper 10 minute warm up and warm down. Ended up running around 6km plus. Felt ok but I was not that disciplined in the timing. Night time makes using my watch a little difficult. Thinking about getting a cheap egg timer to do these timed runs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 18 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 20 seconds
Distance: 8.010km
Approx Speed: 12.05 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 150
Google Ped: route
Weight pre run: 76.9kg
Weight post run: 76.4kg
Fluid loss: 0.5kg

Ran at 6:30AM this morning as a have a drinks thing to go to with work tonight. I have three days in a row of running to do from my plan. I did a 3km time trial last night, and followed it up with this 8km run this morning. I have a hills session tomorrow, and Friday Saturday off before doing a 8km fun run/race Sunday. It is supposed to be a 10km OR a 1 hour 20 run according to my plan but the people organizing the fun run don't have a 10km run scheduled. I may do a run when I get back home to make up for the short distance

All things considered I felt ok today. I certainly felt the run from last night, but managed to do a decent pace by my standards.

Getting sharp pains in calve muscles occasionally, but it is not terminal yet. The rest of me is apparently holding up, no heal problems today.

I weighed the same this AM as I did after the run last night - either I lost weight genuinely or I have not rehydrated properly since that run. I only lost 0.5kg or 500ml on this run, and that was because it was quite cool this morning.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Planned run 3km time trial

Date: 17 March 2009
Time: 13 minutes 38 seconds
Distance: 3.0107 km
Approx Speed: 13.25 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 160
Google Ped: route
Weight pre run: 77.8kg
Weight post run: 76.6kg
Fluid loss: 1.2kg

Planned 3km time trial. 13 minutes 38 seconds is about 4.5 km per minute. Felt ok. I could have gone faster. I ran about 1.2km with Christine as a warm up, and ran back home, so overall I did about 8km today.

Fluid loss was 1.2kg or about 1200ml, and it looks like I have lost some weight since Sunday. Any weight I lose should be an advantage, I recon I could afford to lose about another 2-4kg :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Planned run 80 minutes

Date: 15 March 2009
Time: 76 minutes 49 seconds
Distance: 13.68 km
Approx Speed: 10.68 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 146
Google Ped: route
Weight pre run: 78.4kg
Weight post run: 76.9kg
Fluid loss: 1.5kg

There is something about Sundays, I always seem to have a bad run!! I ran at about 6:45AM with Christine - she is going out with friends this afternoon, so needed to run in the morning.

This is my first 80 minute run, and it began badly. I got cramp in the front of my calf _again_ in the front muscle, the muscle that lifts the front of the foot as you bring the foot forward and bring the heal down. It has to be something to do with being warmed up, or maybe hydration? Who knows, I will have to try a few things to find a solution to the problem. I really have to work harder on warm up and stretching to avoid this problem I think.

I began and did this route - about 1.6km in 8 - 10 minutes. I stopped because of the cramp. I stretched again in the hope that it would loosen up, then began again and did 76 minutes. In total I did about 86 minutes today, and around 15 km. The cramp did not really go away, I ran with it. Felt really stiff and could not relax into the run, which was very frustrating.

I did not feel very good at all on this run, I struggled all the way, and really stiffened up in the last 30 minutes. It is like starting running all over again. I guess I have to go through this to get fit enough to run 2 hours and do a decent half marathon.

I have added a Weight pre and Weight post as well as Weight loss entry, so as to be slightly scientific in my approach. I am trying to determine how much fluid I loose over a run. This way I will know exactly how much fluid I need to carry on a long run, and thus avoid dehydration.

I found a handy fluid loss calculator on line - Gatorade It says for this for the time ( 76 minutes ), level of exertion, and temperature:

- consume 470 to 710 ml 2 hours before exercise
- Projected loss 1.6 litres
- 310ml intake every 5 minutes during the run
- continue replenishing fluids up to 150% of the deficit for the next 2 - 6 hours after exercise

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Planned run 4x1km with 50 second standing rest

Date: 13 March 2009
Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds
Distance: 0.8657 km x 4
Approx Speed: 14.84057 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 160-170
Google Ped: route

So according to gmap-pedometer, I did 860 metres in 3 minutes 30 seconds - The route I did has a slight incline, and I did the distance 3 min 30 seconds uphill and 3 min 20 down. That sounds about right. I did the distance 4 times, and the time did not vary at all. It was consistent - no slow down at the end which is good. I remember doing 400 metres in a little lest than 1 minute when I was in high school without any training at all. I am doing 400 metres in about 1 min 45 or so over the 860 metre distance. I think I need to get a better speed than that so that is something I need to work on.

I must have made an error when I used gmap-pedometer to work out the distance I needed to do before I ran - As the Title says, it was supposed to be 1 km. I am pretty sure I entered the same route but it showed just over 1 km yesterday. Yet today it shows 860 metres. I was little sceptical when I had done 1 km in about 3 min 30, I am not that fast!!

I felt pretty good after a days rest, muscles had recovered ok since the 1 hour run I had done last Sunday. I have a 1 hour 20 tomorrow which is going to be interesting. So far so good, no new injuries, and heals are ok.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 11 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 48 seconds
Distance: 8.011
Approx Speed: 11.78 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 157
Google Ped: route

Felt slightly sore from previous night, where I did some speed runs - and after this run I am even more sore. The previous 40 minute run I did was about the same pace, so at least I was not slower!

I did pretty much the same route as I had for the previous 40 minute run. I went out fast, dealt with a few hills and a headwind that made things a little harder going South.

I did my first hour long run in this program this week, and that has definitely effected me this week. I am being pushed a little harder.

Planned run 6x500m pace, 1 minute standing recovery

Date: 10 March 2009
Time: meh
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 160 170
Google Ped: none

Christine had another 40 minute run so I did what I usually do for this sort of run - Stretched before jogging with Christine for her first 15 minutes. Then I did my 6x500 metres pace runs with a recovery of 1 minute standing. I then ran back to our tarting position with Christine. I am definitely able to pace out longer, and faster, so am improving with this type of run as well as my distance runs.

Felt a little sore in general after the 1 hour run plus 8-10 minute warm up a day ago but loosened up well after warming up. No new injuries, am icing my heals every evening now so as to try and minimise problems there.

I am getting to a stage where I am quite enjoying the running, and pursue 'personal best' runs every time I do a longer one. Am looking forward to a 40 minute run again this evening to see if I am able to better the almost exactly 8 kms I managed to do last time.

I still have to maintain discipline and stretch/warm up properly.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Planned run 60 minutes

Date: 8 March 2009
Time: 61 minutes 7 seconds
Distance: 11.4413
Approx Speed: 11.23 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 153
Google Ped: route

First hour long run today. Felt pretty good, but felt twinges in both heals. I anticipate that my heals will be the biggest problem injury wise.

I took off without a decent warm up and ended up with a cramp on the front of my right shin muscle. Stopped and did more intensive stretching for about 5 minutes and eventually it loosened up. I restarted the clock and took off again where I'd stopped, did a 1 hour run from there. So I did this route as a warm up.

From now on I will be doing 1 hour 20 minute runs on Sundays, eventually getting to 2 hour runs in a few weeks.

Including "warm up" I did a total distance of approximately 13km today. Only 8km more and I have a half marathon :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Planned run 6x2minutes pace, 1 minute standing recovery

Date: 6 March 2009
Time: meh
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 160 170
Google Ped: none

Ran in morning as we are going to a pub tonight. It was quite pleasant at waterfront - 6:30AM, tide was in and continued rising. As a warm up I ran with Christine for 15 minutes while she did her planned 40 minute run. Did my 6x2 minutes speed, with 1 minute recover, seemed to do it a little easier than I have previously.

As usual after I run in AM, I have overwhelming desire to find a bed a sleep, as well as a huge appetite.

I have a 1 hour run due on Sunday.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Planned run 40 minutes

Date: 4 March 2009
Time: 40 minutes 29 seconds
Distance: 8.0113
Approx Speed: 11.87 kmh
Average Heart Rate: 157
Google Ped: route

I _almost_ cracked 8km in 40 minutes. Went out faster than usual. It was a windy evening, a strong breeze from North. As I ran along the waterfront it was a good tail wind. When I turned 'round it was a hard headwind. It is quite noticeable.

Had a couple of hills on this route which slowed me down. I seem to handle them a whole lot better after doing a reasonably dedicated training schedule.

When I first started running around mid 2008, I used to go this exact route all the time. Back then it was a run/walk sequence and a lot of gasping. Now it is so much better. There is no doubt in my mind that I am making progress.

Seems like I am avoiding injuries so far too.

Next aim is to crack 10 kms in 50 minutes. At the pace I did here I think I can do it. My next distance run is a 1 hour duration so I will see how I hold up doing that. I expect to do around 10.5 to 11 kms. Friday is a speed run, 6x2 minutes with a standing rest.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Planned run 6x1 minute speed with 45 second recovery

Date: 3 March 2009
Time: meh
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 160 -170
Google Ped: none

Felt good to return to semi-serious running after the distraction of going to Sydney for the weekend. Run was quite good - I ran out with Christine for 15 minutes, then began the 6x1 minute speed runs. Christine had a 40 minute run so after I had finished my speed runs, Christine was returning and I rejoined her for the run back to our car.

Planned run 50 minutes easy

Date: 30 Feb 2009
Time: 40
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 110 -140
Google Ped: none

Since the run on Saturday was so easy, I decided to have another run Sunday - after a plane ride from Sydney to Brisbane.

I started off easy, but got tightness and cramps on right leg shin muscle - the muscle that lifts the front of the foot up. This cramp is one that I experienced when I first began running half seriously almost a year ago. Pretty odd that it happened again as I had not experienced for a _long_ time. The cramp stopped me from doing a decent distance, I just stopped and masageed every 5 - 10 minutes.

Unplanned run 30 minutes easy

Date: 29 Feb 2009
Time: 30
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 110 -130
Google Ped: none

In Sydney for two days, my running plan had me doing a 50 minute run on Sunday. But due to the fact that I was flying back to Brisbane Sunday afternoon, I decided to jog with Christine around Darling Harbour. It was a nice way to look around, lots of people with money to blow on eating and drinking all day.

I ran very easily, but gave legs a workout.

Planned run 6x2minutes pace, 1 minute standing recovery

Date: 28 Feb 2009
Time: meh
Distance: meh
Approx Speed: meh
Average Heart Rate: 160 170
Google Ped: none

Ran on the morning of 28 Feb, so I could catch a plane to Sydney in the evening. Running in AM really changes the metabolism for the day, I wanted to curl up and sleep all day. Also was ravenously hungry all day. I did not feel bad at all - it was quite a pleasant tired, relaxed feeling.

Got to Sydney and hotel room at about 9:45PM, had a few beers and dinner, then slept.