Monday, February 7, 2011

Injury time !!

Visited a Podiatrist last week that specialises in sports injuries and running in particular. I have had problems with my heels since about June - At least it began to get worse around that time. In the past it would affect me off and on but never was a big problem.

After my first Marathon on July 4 2010 I had planned to do another in Melbourne October 10 2010. But heels were troubling me increasingly to the extent where I had to cut back on distance and training. I then did the Half Marathon in Melbourne. I was in bad shape for that and did not do a great time. Heels were ok but not great by then. I took one and a half months off, no running and returned late last year to do a few training runs. And here I am with the heel problems again.

The podiatrist says Insertional Tendinitis. Basic description is it hurts on foot take off, right at the back of the heel. It hurts at beginning of a run, and pain tends to fade once warmed up. And it can begin to bother you toward the end of a long run. It gets gradually worse over time. It is worst when getting up in the morning or after a period of rest, and I tried to walk.

Treatment for me is a period of two weeks on Anti-Inflammatories, and daily icing. And avoid all activities that cause pain. I also have heel lifts in all my shoes, and get my feet in the shoes as soon as I get out of bed. Hels are getting better I think after a few days.

I can do cycling as a cross training thing, and after the two week period can return to running, strictly no more than 5kms distance and no more than three times a week for 6 to 8 weeks. That should knock the problem on the head I hope.

Anyway I am now going to hit the bike as hard as I can , keeping cadence up at about 80 or 90 and getting heart rate right up. I will do the same time as I have planned on bike instead of running.

I am contemplating seeing a sports physician, as they can do other things :

- Cortison Injections
- Nitrate Patches
- Blood injections
- Prescribed anti-inflams.

These can speed up recovery. I am very tempted !!