Friday, December 21, 2012

A blog post only every month? How slack !!

I resolve to updating this blog more frequently. First news is, I bought a pair of Hoko One One Stinson Evo 'Low'  shoes.

These things are monsters, massive bounce, very plush ride. I can see myself covering a far few miles in them quite easily. I bought them second hand from someone who so far does not seem to have any contagious foot fungus so that is good news too. He'd done three runs in them. I have done a few recently.

Unfortunately I got one size too small, for my personal preference. US M 11. US M 12 is the next size up on these shoes according to the manufacturer. I can get away with using the smaller inner sole - a little tight but not too bad.

Another problem, these things are designed for off road, trails, grass gravel, mud and NOT road or concrete or tarmac. So theey tend to wear rather quickly. Been trying to avoid the roads but its difficult where I am running. I will seek out some off road areas on weekends.

Meanwhile the ride, really cushy, and soft and the seeimgly load and impact reducing effects may be good for my heels. Certainly I am getting longer runs done with less consequence later.

On the basis of these Stinson EVO Low shoes, I have decided to grab a pair of the Stinson Tarmac, US M 11.5. Hopefully these will be the right size for me.

Finally, I have sought some info on anti-inflamatories natural based. Found a few promising things:

- Cut down on Sugars of all descriptions. Hopefully lowering blood glucose levels as this has major bearing on inflammatory responses
- Apparently B12 injections have been shown to be effective - so I am planning on taking B12 supplements. Not as effective but may help
- Glucosamine with Chondroitin plus MSM
- Some Enzymes that help in Protein digestion - Like that found in PineApple - have been seen to have an anti inflammatory effect. Specifically Bromelain.
- Tumeric has been shown to have anti-inflamatory properties when ingested

So I plan on dosing a bit on these above in the hope that it can give me a better chance of surviving a full Marathon training program for the greater part of next year. The idea of using NASAIDS is horrifying, they have some bad side effects if taken long enough and too much of them.