Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year.

Saw the New Year in with a run New Years Eve, just a short one:

I sought out a local step hill, Prospect Street just for fun, and run up that - I had to walk the last section. I may return to that hill as I train this year preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon just to gauge how I am going. I would like to be strong enough to run up it 10 times, so we shall see how we go :)

On New Years Day, I ran home from Manly in the afternoon - Badly hungover !!

That run was very hard, legs were very fatigued and I felt heavy.

Today I did I nice 50 min run at a comfortable pace. And for the first time since I returned to training I felt pretty good during the run. I was VERY hot thi afternoon, but I still felt ok.

So now I have to sort out my training plan. I think so fat I have handled running every day quite well. My training plan will have most often 6 running days a week.

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