Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update for the last two weeks

I have been doing a few runs in the last couple of weeks, no hard stuff and just shorter runs. My legs are slowly getting in to shape.

I am going to try a slightly different training schedule in the lead up to the Gold Coast Marathon in 2011. I will try to do more frequent running, shorter distances and higher intensity. Apparently as you get older, higher intensity, shorter workouts are better as you recover more quickly in general compared to _long_ runs.

So I have been trying to build up to running every day of the week, shorter distances. I have also been running with our dog Max every few days - he tends to mix it up a bit, fast slow, random stops etc. Overall much slower than I usually go though.

I will see how I go in running every day, and if it works for me in the short term, I will form a plan around that. I will of course, take complete rest days when I feel I need to. But my aim is to run easy enough so that I _can_ run every day

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