Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dreary Injury status update

Things are getting a little bizarre. I have had maybe 15 days in a row where EVERYTHING was fine. Been walking regularly, barefoot and wearing shoes. Been the best series of days in years.

Then Friday I wore a newish pair of Brooks Defyance running shoes all day, and went to pub with a buddy that afternoon after work. Got home and up in the AM. Right foot got steadily worse all day Saturday, did usual house cleaning. Sunday had a few friends over to watch the AUS GP on TV, had a few beers. Monday my right foot was agonising. Sitting still doing nothing, suddenly a pinching sharp pain in the back of heel. WHAT THE HELL?

Frustration and annoyance again because this was a real set back. Used massage to try and soothe the pain, it was almost constant. Deep hard massage. Then I pulled out my ultrasound thingy, gave the foot 15 minutes on that, zapped it a few times, turned down intensity. Took a couple of NASAIDS.

Today is Wednesday, things are much better. Seriously confusing this. I am suspecting something else is going on. Gout?  I thought that once before but symptoms do not strictly apply here.

Anyway what horrible experience this has been. 5 months, where I have run ONE month, the rest off with stupid and rather pathetic heel problems. Maybe I should pretend I have gout and treat it accordingly. Cannot hurt as far as I can tell.

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