Monday, March 26, 2012

Yet another tedious injury update - Things are looking up again

Five or so days after my last update, I feel a whole lot better. I read a lot about gout and decided to self medicate.

Apple Cider Vinegar shots during the day, and a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda in water before bed. I am also actively avoiding high Purine foods, although number one on that list is beer, and  I have not avoided that. The Bicarb of Soda is a temporary thing since its high Sodium, and that cannot be good for you. I have been avoiding salt anywhere and everywhere.

It may well be coincidence but heels are really good right now. I ran on Friday afternoon, only about 2.5kms, and made a concious effort to keep on my toes. I got cramps when I stopped!! Not in calfs but everywhere else. To think I could at one stage run 30km at 4min40 pace, the effort to get there from here is daunting. I have DOMS ( Delayed onset muscle soreness) on Monday, third day after the run.

Today I did a 20 minute session on the cross trainer, all whilst riding on the forfoot. No heel contact. The way I figure it, this will strengthen my calves. My extensive reading leads me to think that my injuries to my heels were caused by weakness in the calf muscles. This leads me to some speculation on how and why my injury problems have been so long lasting:

- I trained well for my first Marathon, which led to overuse injury
- I stopped running for a few months in October 2010, but also started back to regular beer - I had abstained for 6 months leading to my first Marathon in July 2010
- Beer is the number one cause of gout in men older than 40 !!
- Gout tends to hit places in feet where injury or inflammation is already present
- I'd struggle to get over the injury because it was inflamed by gout too. Running with inflammation continues to prevent the original injuries from improving.

SO IF I have my theoretical gout under controll my heels should be getting better. Seems they are.

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