Friday, April 26, 2013

Been even slacker, no update since December 21 2012. - What have I been up to?

Took another couple of months off at the beginning of this year to allow my heels to get completely better. I think its worked, although I have not been doing anything near the mileage I had been doing.

I pulled some reports out of my Garmin connect account of all my runs recorded on my watch.

2010 - the year I did my first marathon, I swung over to full mara training after a reasonably successful year building to a couple of half marathons in 2009. From 1 Jan 2010 to 26 April:

82 activities
Distance 594.58km
Average speed 12.1km/hr

2011 - The first year in which I was suffering from heel problems, but I did not have the sense to bloody well stop running:

46 activities
Distance 259.5km
Average speed 10.1km/hr

2012 - After getting treatment 2011, in October, I took several months off, I came back to some running again, ended up having a reasonable year where I achieved PB's in 3,5,and matched my best 10km race:

55 Activities
Distance 168.53km
Average speed 7.5km/hr

2013 - THIS YEAR. My heels are the best since 2009, ie hardly any issues at all.:
19 activities

Wow what a difference!!  I am absolutely determined to keep the mileage down until I am sure I can handle it WITHOUT my heels injury regressing to where I was at the end of 2011.

It is just horrifying to look at how much timemy heel injuries  have taken from me. If I ever get to do another Marathon, I will be at least 2 years older than when I did my last one, 2011, and 3 years older than my first ( 2010 the best so far but by no means a good one).

Anyway, I have returned to fairly consistent training, typically I have been running up to 5kms on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and every so often I have done some speed sessions afterwards. 5x300's generally. I have also been doing the Saturday morning Park RUn in Wynnum at the foreshore.

I feel like I am making gains - even though its only 3 runs a week and I have been running only for a couple of months. I am in approximately 22min for 5km shape right now I think, maybe faster. I am going to see how fast I can get doing this simple training program:

Tuesday - 5km easy, at about 5:30 pace    plus 5x300, building to 10x300, pace about 3:40min/km
Thursday - 5km easy, with the last 1km sub 4min/km, building to 2 or 3km
Saturday - 5km race Park run - Hope to match or beat my PB of 19:59 I did last year.

Its still incredibly frustrating not being able to do the distance I want - I REALLY want to do half and full marathons, but I have to be patient. Wow what an ordeal this has been, but yet again I have some hope again that I am on my way back to fitness again, and may do the distances again.

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