Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally feeling some benefits of the training

I have been doing this running caper for a while now, struggled through a long period of injury, and experienced many ups and downs. So I know when to ride an up with cautious optimism :)

Today is one of those 'up' days as far as running is concerned. Stepped out for an easy run after a hard cruise intervals session last night. I was supposed to do a recovery run, I felt slightly tired, and yet when I started running and warmed up a little it felt really good. Managed about 5min/km for just under 10km's with one 1km lap at 4min30 pace. And that felt great  too.

Its a good sign that my running fitness is now coming back to me. All I need to do is maintain the consistency and I will make some great progress.

I am trying to run every day, but it seems at least 1 rest day a week 'happens' and I probably need it. This week will be another of around 60km total if all goes well. Hard speed session tomorrow, OR if I am feeling the effects of the exuberance  from today's fastish run I may simply do another much easier run.

If I keep doing what I have been doing, running just one extra day ( 7 days for the week )  will put my over the 65km mark for the first time since June 2010

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