Monday, May 21, 2012

week ending Sunday 20 2012 - Totals

Some how I managed to do 58kms for the week from Monday 14 May to Sunday 20th. It is a surprising total, as I had done no more than about 35km for the recent weeks this year.

It is the highest total since August last year. I have run 6 days of the 7, and I guess that is all it takes to get such volume. I did it all mostly easy. Hopefully this won't be too much, I intend to repeat the 6 days of running for the week until the  race on 2 July.

I am pretty sure running most days seem to make things better with regard to my right heel. Really strange. I had Saturday as a no running day, and ran Sunday afternoon. Right heel was quite uncomfortable, but seems ok today.

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