Sunday, July 8, 2012

10km race Gold Coast 29 June 2012 and watched the Mara and HM finishers

Pretty awful weekend in general for us. We stayed at a Hotel in Surfers Paradise, no worries there, but Christine was really sick with a chest cold. The first night we were there, it got much worse, and ended up getting no sleep that night. My race was 6:30AM the next day.

I had been fighting off fluey, cold like symptoms that never seemed to catch hold. But I woke Saturday with a bad sore throat. I ran the race, trying to put in a good effort. I stopped just short of 3km because both shoes laces were undone. WHAT !!!

I got to 5km at a reasonable pace but no-where near PB target at all, and fet really sick, throw up time. Slowed a lot from there. Suddenly I found myself at the 9.1km mark, 900 to go. Tried my usual hard sprint at the end, got to 300 metres to go and actually threw up, I found out I am able to breath and spew at the same time. Announces said something about me looking 'unwell'  or something.. Hmm :)

Finished in 44mins something or other.

This week I have hit the road fairly hard after making a decent recovery. I was able to push quite hard in my speed sessions, and stacked on a bit of mileage for the week. Its Sunday and I have run 6 days in a row, total 62km's. I want to step out and run today, may only be another 10km but It will be quite satisfying to go beyond 70km for the week - I believe I have done that only once before.

I have the Jetty to Jetty 10km race next weekend, Sunday, so I will do a mini-taper for that. Nothing like a Mara taper of course, I will simply do more easy speed form workouts and easy long runs, fewer of them for the week. If I am well for the J2J race I may do well. I cannot predict it because this season of what we call a Queensland winter just about everyone is sick in one way or another

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