Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ItsNotOk Fun Run and traing this week

The FunRun was supposed to be 10km, measured on my watch it was more like 10.78 or so. Does not matter it was in fact fun..

I managed average 4:18min/km this time, about 2 seconds per 1km faster than the Jetty to Jetty a week before. I felt much better throughout the run than the last couple of races I have done, and I paced much more sensibly all the way. Considering I was quite fatigued from the work load in the week leading up I think it is a great result.

Even more surprising, I placed 3rd. First time I have placed  in a race since I was 15 years old I think. The two blokes that finished in front of me - combined age - was less than mine :)  Also amusing was the reaction of the track 'marshals'  along the way and at the finish, all quite surprised to see me finishing where I did.

I have a loose plan to come back next year and see if I can do better!!

A plan for this weeks running:

- Monday - One of my favourites, a 2km @3:55, 1km @3:40, 800@3:30, 400@3:20, 300@fast, 200@whateverIcando  all with 2min rest - it was really  hard and in fact I had to stop in the 1km and 800metre reps as I'd gassed it. But still a good hard work out.
- Tuesday -10km - This was a good one, managed 10.5km at 4:47 average.
- Wednesday - Mid week log of 13km ( have been slowly building this one)  wednesday, with 20min easy fatlek in the middle - should be brisk not hard
- Thursday a 3x2km   at slightly faster than 4min/km with 3 min recovery - Should be reasonably easy to hold the pace IF 4min/km is a realistic goal pace for the race.
- Friday rest or super easy 6-8km depends on how I am holding up
- Saturday, 12 x 400 - I like these
- Sunday long run easy 12-15km

I have the August 5 Brisbane Marathon 10km race coming up. The week leading up to the race  I plan to do three or four 10-13km runs, all not fast not easy runs, to keep me ticking over. I did this in lead up to the fun run I did on the weekend just gone, and it seemed to leave me in a good frame of mind and good legs. I was carrying a little fatigue but it felt fine.

I want to do sub 40 for the race but it currently feels unrealistic. SInce the GC mara 10km I have done the following:

10km race GC at 4:27 average
10km race J2J at 4:20 average
10km race FUnRun at 4:18

9 seconds improvement over three weeks. I think its realistic to go for another 9 seconds at the race on August 5. Three weeks to do it.

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