Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Jetty to Jetty 10km race at Redcliff

I did the 10km race today, felt much better than two weeks ago, and managed about 43:40 or so, around 1 minute quicker than two weeks ago, and 1 minute slower than my best 2 years ago. I also have had a medical issue that has been restricting my training efforts a little, and it just makes it difficult to really work hard. That plus I fall at 4.7km in, meant I did not go as fast as I should.

I maybe lost about 1 minute in the fall and the subsequent limping I did trying to get my left knee working ok again.

The medical issue, need surgery but thankfully not a really big deal, day surgery and a few weeks recovery. Just need to figure out the timing, specialist will help me decide that too as its will be when there is an opportunity.

Given that I did my best ever 42min 10km after 6 months of pretty good consistent training, compare that to today's run, I was only about 1 min slower, but that is after about 3 months constistent training. SO there is more to come, for sure.

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