Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brisbane Running Festival 10km race

A great event, beautiful crisp and cool morning, no humidity and it warmed just the right amout as the sun came out. Managed 4:14 average, and apparently was 15th in my age group. If I am running as well as I am now in 3 years I will be in the next age group up and may well be placing :)  Hmm!!!

I ran this race without looking at watch for splits, just ran to how I felt. I might have been able to push a little harder if I was paying attention. It was good to do 4:14's average without clock watching. I managed to get to the start with time to spare, after dropping off bag. Went to toilet, grabbed a small coffee. And lined up, only to realise I needed to go again. SO I dashed off to go, the toilets were near by and not crowded. Got back to the start area with 2 minutes to go, stuck WAY UP THE BACK. Took me over 1 minute to cross the start line, but I don't mind that, I go for chip time.

The first three km's were frustrating, I had to dodge and weave for a long time - first 1km in 4:08. I had some room to go onto footpaths there. As we approached the Story Bridge it got really congested, and I was forced to slow for the next 2km. Across the bridge, we were in a narrow path for pedestrians, and that slowed me even more. I was getting a bit annoyed with people proping at a pace even with everyone else and going two, three and four abreast. It resulted in completely blocking anyone that might need to pass. I had to shout out a few times 'A little difficult to pass here!!', and they kindly moved over and made room.

I lost heaps of time in the first three km, but that was probably a good thing, as it slowed me up and allowed me to warm up. When the path cleared I decided to hit it harder, and did a 1km split of 3:56 for the fourth.

The rest of the race I just tried to hold a decent pace, but again the course narrowed, and that plus a few hills and twisty bits meant I could not go as fast as I wanted. Anyway, only 2 seconds per km slower than my best ever today.

I am completely convinced now that if I did the Jetty2Jetty race today I would have done a PB, and if it was the 'ItsNotOK'  run I would have smashed it, that course was completely flat.


10km race GC at 4:27 average June 30
 16 days
10km race J2J at 4:20 average July 15
 6 days
10km race FUnRun at 4:18 average July 21
14 days
10km at Bris Run Fest 4:14 average  August 5
4 weeks, 28+ days
Bridge to Brisbane, 2 September

In 38 days, have improved by 13 seconds per km. To do 4min km's I need to improve by exactly 14kms in 28+ days. It will be pretty close.

I am slowly improving, gaining fitness. I still have only 4 solid months of training, so I feel its justified that I can think I have much more to come. I need to build aerobic base on the speed/strength that I have been slowly building. I need to keep build the long runs up, and also hit the 1km and 2km cruise intervals harder, more of them rather than simple raw speed..

What I have been doing really is working, so I don't feel any significant need to change it around much.

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