Monday, September 3, 2012

Races I aim to do for the rest of the year - aim is to break 40min for 10km's

There are a number of key training runs and races I want to do in the next couple of months. I want to break 40 min for 10km. Given the progress I have made in the last few months, getting my 10km average PACE down from 4:27min/km at Gold Coast to 4:08 at the Bridge to Brisbane, I think its a distinct possibility I can do it.

So the key runs and races I want to to in the lead up to the 5km Wynnum Twilight 5km race:

- This week all easy distance runs, at least 10km each day. Recovery week, plus gym Tuesday, Thursday
- Saturday 8/Sunday 9 September On weekend  EDIT I want to hit the Gateway Bridge and do the hills there 4-5 times. I found that it affected my cruise pace significantly two weeks before the B2B Need more recovery, instead and doing the inaugural ParkRun Wynnum foreshore, a 5km 'race'. 

- Week beginning 10 September I fly to Mel, back on 12 in the afternoon. Want to do so serious speed work in this week, 400's 200's, with standing rest, really fast and probably 15 x 400, 20 x 200, plus my usual 10-16km easy runs.

- Weekend of 15 and 15 September EDIT  I want to hit the Gateway Bridge again, do the hills 4 or 5 times. Change of plan here too, another ParkRun on Wynnum foreshore, Saturday

- Week beginning 17 September I will do similar work to what I did last week leading up to the B2B as it seemed to work well. It was just a 12km mid week run, a set of 12 x 200 plus floating recovery and a 5 x 400 with float recovery

- Saturday 22 September        4:00PM  Twilight Wynnum            5km    . A tune up race, I fully expect to break 20mins for this run. If I don't something has gone wrong.

- Week beginning Monday 24 September, recovery week, a few 10-12km runs at easy pace and at least one 16km+

- I start my new job on October 2, but in that week I want to do a few absolute speed 200, 400 reps. Standing rest really fast, 15-20 x  200,   and 10-12 x 400  plus the usual weekly long

- Sunday 7 October            6:00AM  3x5km relay            5km    . We will likely just front up and see if we can form a team on the day.

- Week beginning 8 October,   12x200 plus float,   and 5-10 x 400 plus float. Plus an easy 12km, this is a taper week leading up to my 10km race in Toowoomba.

- Sunday 14 October            7:30AM  Toowoomba Marathon        10km    .  This 10km race will likely be the last official race I can enter and get the sub 40. Hoping the 5km tuneups will have helped me there.

- Week beginning 15 October, I will do recovery after the Toowoomba race, and do 10km easy runs, and a 16-18km long.

- Week beginning 21 October, is a raw speed week, since I am HOPING I will have done my sub 40 10km, and I can switch a bit to 5km race target. So I will do 200's, 400', 600's,  etc all max pace and standing rests.

-  Thursday 1 November        5:15PM  Cool Night Classic        5km       . This is the day I do my best ever 5km IF I can negotiate the crowd and the dinky paths.

- All easy runs in the next few days, leading up to another 10km club race

-  Sunday 4 November            6:00AM  BRR 10km  handicap        10km   - Another chance to break 40 ...

- I will be switching to all easy long runs from this point on, and once a week absolute speed  form runs, 200's and 400s  with standing rest

- Sunday 18 November        6:00AM  BRR 10km                10km     - Yet another chance to break 40.

- All easy long uns, and a weekly raw speed session, 200 or 400
- Sunday 2 December            6:00AM  BRR 10km                10km

From 2 December onward, I want to build distance with easy long runs, and a weekly raw speed run. I am hoping that by this tim I will have broken 40min for 10km at least once, - maybe fours times !! So I will have permission to begin my build up for a new round of marathon training beginning in January

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