Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bridge to Brisbane 2012

Did the B2B this morning. Made progress, my PB is now 42 minutes for a 10km race. However my watch reads an extra 100 metres compared to last year., and the Garmin Connect data shows  41:28  for exactly 10km's.

Progress so far this year:

10km race GC at 4:27 average June 30
 16 days
10km race J2J at 4:20 average July 15
 6 days
10km race FUnRun at 4:18 average July 21
14 days
10km at Bris Run Fest 4:14 average  August 5
21 days later
5km TT   20.11 , 4:02 average pace
7 days later
10km race Bridge to Brisbane, 4:08 average on 2 September

I have done 5 10km races this year over a period just under three months, and average pace over the distances have come down - 4:27, 4:20, 4:18, 4:14, 4:08.  I think given this progress, and if I remain uninjured and do not get ill, its pretty good chance I can break 4min/km over 10km in the next month or so.

My training really is working, very satisfying.

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