Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday 5 September 15km run

So far this week:

- Sunday 10km race 42 minutes
- Monday 16km easy 5:03 pace - It was not easy, much muscle fatigue and sore
- Tuesday full day off, but hit gym for strength work, it was good. Still slight sore in belly muscles as I worked them harder than usual
- Wednesday 15km over hilly course. 5:05 pace, but fatigue was quite high.
- Thursday today, no gym no run. Feel I needed the day off.

I will run tomorrow, Friday 7 September, a super easy 10km most likely, then I have the first ParkRun on Saturday. That will be my speed run for this week.

I have had a sore right hip since the run on Monday, and its still sore now, a good sign that I worked too hard this week. Hoping its not anything serious, it does not exactly bother me while running, but feels like if it gets worse it might.

As I write this today, Thursday September 6 I am actually feeling pretty crap, tired and slightly under the weather. So the day off may well be needed.

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