Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another update - 85%

Things are gradually getting better, the right heel is completely 100% right now. The left heel all day has been brilliant, only this evening after a couple of hours TV watching ( Cannot do much else these days) it has felt a bit sore when I walk. I rate it at about 85% now.
All I have to do is think back to Monday 31 October, the day before the injections, and I realise how much better both heels are. I go through cycles where I am so happy that the heels are not hurting, and get all ambitious and motivated for another stab at a marathon, then I feel a twinge and get all dejected again. Its terribly frustrating to have _everything_ good, knees, hips, ankles toes, hamstrings.. And have one stabby pain in the left heel holding me back. I never have had patience for anything. I am having patience forced upon me , and have at least 6 weeks before I am going to hit the road again.
I am sort of piecing together a strategy for training, but I want to talk to my Physio before I actually start doing anything. I have a letter of referral from the Dr that gave me the Cortisone injections to see a Physion at QSMC, and apparently he has a special interest in the injury I have experienced.
What I want to do is get an elliptical cross trainer machine, as I found previously in gyms that they give me a good work out. I will try to build up to one hour a day on the machine, and then gradually introduce running again, in addition to the cross trainer. The aim is to get a whole lot of fitness with less actual running time. Its sad that what I enjoy the most is what buggered up my feet.. The challenge will be to make the elliptical cross training sessions are not dead boring.. Hmm, TV ??

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