Thursday, November 3, 2011

Progress after Cortisone heel injections

Injections were done around 11AM Tuesday 1st November 2011. Injected both Cortisone and anaesthetic into both heels , directly into the bursa's.
Initial pain was bad enough, with discomfort from the pressure the most significant issue to deal with. Made me sweat a bit.
Immediately after injections, pain subsided completely in both heels, due to local aesthetic.
Pain 24 hours later was minimal, but slightly tender in left heel ( the worst one) and in the right the pain was due to the needle stick mostly I think. Pain steadily worsened...
Woke up today, Thursday, and as I write this its 48 hours after the injections. Left heel is still slightly tender, and I am still cautious about walking after resting for a while, but in general its a massive improvement to how I was prior to injections.

Cortisones effect is supposed to kick in about 48 - 72 hours after injection, so if there is more improvement to come, I am pretty optimistic.

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