Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boring as bat poo - physio :)

Continuing with my boring as bat poo theme I have today attended my first appointment with physio. The plan in general terms:

  • eccentric heel drops, 3 sets of 15, twice a day. Work on the BAD heel  first, the left one only.
  • self massage on alternate days one leg at a time - Deep massage, in calf muscle to loosen it all up, once a day.
  • Visit once a week for one on one for the next few weeks
  • Commence cross training as I want, recommend Elliptical Cross Trainer, 40-50 minutes a day, and avoid speed sessions. Want to avoid heel tension
The above plan will continue for probably 2 months. That gives me a possible schedule of late January before I get back to running again. More likely 3 months, and thus February.

And my return to running has to be careful and gradual even then. SO I will probably do a 10km race in July and aim for a Half Marathon later in the year 2012.

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