Saturday, November 26, 2011

Progress in rehab

25 days since the cortisone injections. I have had several physion sessions where he performs a load test, and does a bit of trigger manipulation in calf.

I have been doing 3x15 eccentric heel drops twice a day on left foot only. The load test is performed like so:

- Hop once on left foot. Pain rating out of ten
- Hop three times on left foot. Pain rating out of ten
- Increase to five, ten etc

When I first visited the physio, I could do 1 at 6/10 pain level on left foot, 3 at 7/10, 10 at very painful. The right foot was not as bad but still painful.

Visited physio yesterday 25 November 2011, and could do ten on left foot with NO pain. Right foot, the normally good one I did 1,3,5,10 and pain was about 2/10.

The theory right now is that the right foot hurts because I am favoring the left, hence why the left is being treated.

From now on I am doing 3x15 eccentric heel drops twice a day on the left, and once a day on the right.

Things are looking good. I have finally got myself a Elliptical cross trainer. Been using it once a day for about a week, and only 20 minutes. I begin with 5 minutes forwards, then do five minutes backwards, and finish off with 10 minutes forward fast. It seems that 20 minutes allows me to do near enough to '8km'  according to the computer on the training machine, which is surprisingly fast. If I could do 8km in 20 minutes running I'd be well pleased.

I am so looking forward to getting back into running. It will be like a new beginning. I plan to stick to a gradual build up, maintaining a good pace and form in training. I strongly feel that much of the problem I have had with my heels was caused by poor running form. And the poor running form is caused by running while tired. I was running the long runs because I needed to get them done in my training plan, where as I would have been better off not having the Marathon race goal and steadily building up the distance over a longer period.

When I return to running I am going to stick to runs where my form is good, and as soon as it starts to deteriorate, stop.

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