Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Heel injections

Got to Dr, made the appointment. Gosh he is a good bloke, like him a lot.

We discussed the injury again, and one of the things we discussed was the fact that both heels have a similar problem. Left is the worst and it was the one that had MRI scan.

The MRI scan showed obvious Bursa problem, and marginal tendon involvement, with Haglunds lump possibly involved. And so it was decided that the most likely source of pain is Bursa, and not Tendon issues.

The reasons for doing the worst one ( left heel ) on its own:
- See if cortisone has significant effect, if so consider doing the right later
- Injection carries risk - Infection, flare up of bursa, more pain etc. Thus doing one means at least I won't be limping on both until it recovers.

SO we discussed, and in a 30 second moment of consideration, we decided to do both. The biggest reason to do one at a time is that because it hurts so much I maybe won't tolerate the second one in quick succession. Anyway we did both because I said I think I can handle it ;)

The pain was quite a lot, but certainly not as bad as I had anticipated. As I said to the Dr it is not something I'd line up for..But not the worst I had experienced, In fact sometimes the pain at the beginning of a training run was worse.

The worst heel (left) I expected to hurt a whole lot, but in fact while it stung initially, and I felt discomfort and pressure while he pushed the needle in, it really did bring almost immediate relief. The right heel is the least painful and it seemed to hurt more.

Anyway its done and relief is generally immediate. I am habitually cautious when I walk after sitting for a long period, but I realise quite soon that it just does not hurt like it has for the last 18 months. 11 hours after the injection I write this.

5 days from now, I see a Physio, and begin a rehab program. I hope on that day I am walking freely and ready to go!!

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