Wednesday, December 21, 2011

15 min Monday 19 Dec

Second run done on Monday 19 December. Managed to go slightly further than the first run on Saturday, so slightly faster. I did a slightly different course, flatter.

Last 1km again was HR 170.  I worked harder on the elliptical cross trainer with total again around 10km. Overall it was a slightly harder workout.

Too early to feel any real fitness improvements, been pretty darned tired as a result of the recent work. I was slightly sore in muscles and that has improved, so I have recovered ok.

I have another run to do this evening, shall again do cross trainer and then run.

Heels are _ok_. I have twinges on my right heel, the left has been pretty good. During running things feel just that little bit awkward, its possible that working on cross trainer first causes it, it could also be in my mind, being over cautious. I don't relax into the run yet as I have when I am well trained and running well.

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