Thursday, December 8, 2011

Still trying to resist the temptation to run. Bit difficult

I have been a little ill for about 4 days, just a constant headache. Its finally gone now.

Took our dog MAX for a walk this morning, we walked along the waterfront and out on a peer constructed of concrete and stone. About 150metres. On the way back I just started jogging, really easy, only about 100 metres in total. No pain no problem what so ever. 

Continued walking, and then jogged another 100 metres to the car. Again no problems, no pain.

More importantly there was no problem later in the day, after rest I can just get up and go. I am certainly at a better stage than I was a few weeks ago. I am severely bored though, and that is the biggest challenge. My cross training machine is dead boring too, am finding it difficult to get motivated to use it.

Self discipline is something I lack. All I really am motivated to do is to run. When I get back to some running I will use the cross trainer before and after the short runs I will be doing.

I have also discovered that walking can give you a reasonably good work out. So I will walk the dog every morning regardless of whether I am running on that day or not, and incorporate steep hills.

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