Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recovery run #5

20 minutes easy - after 20 minutes on cross trainer


Quicker short run home for fun:


Took it easier on the cross trainer today, and did 20 minutes running. In general I am going to do a gradual increase:

15min 15min 15min 15min
20min 15min 15min 20min   + 10min
20min 15min 20min 20min   +  5min
20min 20min 20min 20min   +  5min
25min 20min 20min 25min   + 10min
25min 25min 25min 25min   +  5min

That is the weekly workload over the full 6 weeks recovery program. I am at the beginning of week 2, the first 20 minute run.

This last week, I managed 3 good runs, the 4 was unplanned, and opportunistic due to XMass break.

Today I managed 3.89km running, 6.4 km on cross trainer, combined total 10.29km

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