Saturday, December 17, 2011

I am back to running !! Slow return..

Visited physio Friday 16 Dec 2011, did the load tests. Here is how it went:

Give me 10  - Did ten both feet no pain
Give me 20 - Did 20, both feet no pain
Give me 40 - Did 40, both feet no pain

A total of 70 hops both feet, each no pain. When I first visited it was 3 hops, and pain 7/10 rating. Very pleased with this. Obviously :)

Physio gave me a 6 week program where I run 4 days a week, starting off 15 minutes run first week, slow build up. Did my first run today, and it feel so good, I really know what I like about running. I makes you feel great.

So I managed to do 3.11 km today, 4min51 pace. I concentrated on cadence, and managed 83. Theory is the faster the cadence, the better the posture ( up to a point ). What I am aiming for is ideal running form to avoid injury, good forfoot running.  My heart rate average was 161 . The last run I did was 110 Octobare, a 5 km run, where I did 4min24 pace and heart rate was 146. I have lost a lot of fitness, but I am just happy to be on the way back.

I did 20 minutes on my cross trainer, 7.3km. Combined distance 10.41kn, time 35 minutes.

So, ho are my heels? Pretty darned good. Only slight pain after resting. So obviously I still have a way to go. But really I did 3klm with NO PAIN for the first time in at least 18 months. Next run Monday .. WooHooo

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