Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have I been running?

I did a really hard week ending with a pretty hard session Monday 10 June. During the week I had a really bad time at work, really busy and stressful. That is continuing this week too, but I feel like I am handling it a bit better right now.  I ended up not running for 5 days, after the hard Mon 10 June run, next one being the ParkRun Saturday 15 June.

The ParkRun was a small improvement from the previous week. This week I have run every day, and feel like I am handling it ok. Did the longest run for the year Sunday, 12.4km and did it at a reasonable pace 5:06min/km.

Saturday through to today, Tuesday,  4 days, 30km's, which is not a bad tally. I need to take care stacking up the distance, but seem to be ok right now. Will do a small run tomorrow morning, 4km or so and then another 7km Thursday.

I have a 10km race at Gold Coast Marathon, 6 July, only 18 days. There is not much I can do to get in good shape for it in such a short time, so I don't expect much. I will finish off this week hard. Next week maybe some easy running stacking up distance again, and the week after take it a little easier. MAYBE I can break 46min but I doubt it !!

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