Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday 20 June 2013 - One of those really great days running!!

Reasonably hard week, last 7 days managed 38kms. Fatigue has stacked up a little. No running yesterday Wednesday 19, but I did a long walk with MAX and some weird excercises at home. That made my rump and hammies hurt quite a lot. Its funny how I can run a fair bit and simply not affect these muscles. But I know for sure I use then because trying to run while not warmed up it was tender.

This morning I did a short walk with MAX, and a short run to hopefully loosen up a bit. Then I did the hard home exercises I did the day before that made me hurt..  Then I did an easy run with Andrew at work from 11:30AM. Ended up doing an easy 6.2km or so, with another 800m at 4min pace. The last part felt great.

I then capped it off with 4 x 30 at 3:09 pace - fairly fast but not real hard - with 30 second rest between.

Now, for some reason this run today felt fantastic, such a pleasure to do. I loosened up and felt warm enough, not overheated. I did not feel like I pushed hard even in the faster sections. And afterward it was such a buzz. I must have triggered something!!

Its funny how these things happen. I was thinking to myself - How and why did it feel so good?  I was thinking I could replicate the weeks and activities leading up to it and see if it happens again.

Tonight I feel a little bit sore, but slightly better than this morning. The best thing is my injuries are really good too, no sign of any problems. Amazing. I am getting really impatient and want to really ramp up the mileage. But I have to be sensible a get myself in the best shape possible with low mileage and keeping the progress going. I really want to be ship shape for a good training program to prepare for a GOOD marathon next year.

I will have a walk and a short run with MAX again Friday morning, and ParkRun Saturday. Hopefully a small improvement there again. I would be pleased with a 21 flat from last weeks 21:17. I may be a little tired though. And Sunday I will probably do either a 5km or a 10km race at Brisbane Road Runners. I have been doing quite a bit of fastish running and a few races, and I feel its paying off.

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