Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ZOMG I won a race!!

I did not do the ParkRun Saturday as I had planned. But I did do the Brisbane Road Runners 5km race Sunday.

I just turned up and they had the Club Championship 10km event on. That meant all the faster runners were in that. So I took off in the 5km race, a 12 year old girl and some fellow were in front of me. The fellow seemed to run out of gas at about 1km - Probably took off too fast, thats my old problem !!.

I hung in for a little while quite close to the girl, but she had the legs I don't have right now :)  She finished about 40 seconds ahead. I did 21:10 or something. A small improvement on the previous 5km ParkRun, so I am happy enough. The BRRC course has a couple of little hills that suck a bit of pace out of me compared to the Wynnum ParkRun, so its ok.

So I won the mens overall but to put it into a proper perspective, of the 10km race participants, I know one bloke that finished 15th and both halves of his 10km were done sub 20 minutes !! So mine was a very soft victory.

Anyhow I got a nice blue mug as a prize and it makes a great cup of tea.. Now I need to win on my own terms - at or near PB times at the very least. I am no-where near my best, but I am gradually improving.

After the BRRC race Sunday, I did 11km on Monday, with 3x30sec fast. The last 1km of the 11 was done at 4:30 pace, and overall it was just under 5min/km pace and reasonably comfortable. Today, Tuesday 25 June, 2013, I did a reasonably swift 5km at about 4:50 pace average, followed by an honest 5x30sec fast.

A few signs that I am making progress with my aerobic fitness, are - my 'comfortable'  pace is coming down, and I can do these speed sessions with minimum fuss now. Comfortable pace was 5:10 or so a few weeks ago, now I think 5min pace is about right for a 10km +  run. I recall when I was doing my marathon training in 2010 that there was a dramatic improvement in my comfortable pace for 10km. It came down to 4:30 or so.

I still have some lofty goals:

- sub 20 5km . Way under!! I have managed 19:59 according to my watch. Not good enough
- Sub 11min for 3km. I did 11min flat last year, I want to go well under 11min this year
- The ancient sub 40 10km goal.
- Sub 90min HM
- Sub 3hr marathon

Its extremely clear to me what I need to do to achieve it. I need to get some consistent mileage done over at least 3 months. Right now, I am injury free. Even the niggly new issues I had this year with my right knee and left knee cap are improving markedly. My heels are simply no problem at all now. I think I said it before, but it really is incredible to think this problem with my heels may well be history.

I am generally a positive person, and right now I have real reasons to be confident about my running. I am making real plans to give a fast marathon a crack next year, but I am still exercising restraint and not building mileage too much. I think my max run for the next few months should be about 15km, I will see how I go when I reach that.

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