Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday fun, 13 km total plus the Friday gym 'club' run

Ran with the local gym 'running club on Friday morning 5:30AM. This after a late meeting for work that finished midnight. Still, I did it.. I was intending to do an easy run, but because of peer pressure I ended up going faster than I wanted. 4:40 pace for nearly 7km's. So I skipped the Saturday ParKRun.

Sunday, ran 2km easy warmup at about 4:55 pace. Then I did about 5km's total, doing 2min 'fast' at about 3:50 pace and a 1 minute walk rest, the reps ended up 9. Then turned around and went home 6km's. 13 km total and this is the highest mileage day for this year.

I might do this sort of workout every Sunday for a while and see what it does. It felt good to break up the 13km 'long'  run, with the first 2km as warmup and then the intervals. My theory is - If I can do 5km's total, broken up into intervals of 2min at say 3:30 pace, then I am probably going to be able to to 5kms at sub 4min pace with no rests in between!!

The totals for the week, 45kms, is the highest for this year by 15km's. A big jump so its risky. Body seems to be holding up ok right now, 1 hour after it, so I might be able to hold this work load for a while. Last year the weekly mileage was very inconsistent, so I want to do better this year.

Did an easy 5km this morning with MAX the dog and Christine. Christine is getting over a bad cold, so is a bit weak compared to her usual robust self. So she did it tough this morning. She also has not trained much at all this year. She's doing the 10km race too at Gold Coast, so she will have a really hard morning there too. I Am not sure what I will be able to do. Recent 5km races tell me I can expect maybe sub 44 but I have not done much beyond 10kms this year. So I will probably take off fast and fade faster..  

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