Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trail run Sunday, easy 3km Monday, 11km Tuesday, easy 3km Web, easy 5km + 5x300 speed Thursday

A reasonably big week this week. Ran Sun, a trail run in Seven Hills reserve. Only 3.2km, and it was tough, lots of hills. Mon, easy with MAX and Christine. Tues, big 11km  it felt pretty hard. Wednesday another easy 3 with MAX and Christine, followed by a couple of 100m sprints. Looks like weekly total will be about 30km if all works out well.

Did an easy 5km today, Thursday plus 5x300. Pace was pretty good too:


Always good to see an increase in pace over this sort of run.

What I want is for the improvements I am feeling  to translate into a faster 5km race. Thats altogether different, I need to be able to do good steady 500's and 1km repeats. Maybe if I am fresh I can. I want to do a 5km parkrun Saturday coming up. I will see if I am getting faster, have not done one for a couple of weeks.

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