Sunday, December 12, 2010

COmfortable 50 minutes

Another easy run. I felt up and down the whole way. AT some stages felt really crap, and others felt good. Toward the end I felt good.

At beginning, my left heel felt quite sore - It seems I am not over that problem, and that was the one reason I stopped running for a month. Once I was warmed up it was ok.

I managed to get 4 runs in this week (including this one) and I was intending to do a short run Saturday as well to make it a total of 5 for this week. But I got home Friday night and suddenly felt incredibly tired. Hit the sack early and was wrecked for Saturday too. I cut my lip shaving Friday and TODAY its turned into a cold sore !!. A sign I am a little run down I think.

I need to remember to be patient and allow my body to catch up with where I want to be fitness wise. Overall I am making good progress. Next week I am going to try to do 6 runs, 2 short 20 ones Monday Tuesday, a longer 30 min Wednesday, a 20 min Thursday. Friday off and then a short 20 minute run Saturday and a long 50 minute run Sunday.

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  1. congrats on the progress...keep it up..good luck.
    --I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - smartwool socks