Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally returned to running !!

I have had over month off running. My last run was the Melbourne Half Marathon. I had planned to do the full Marathon but training had been so bad leading up to the race that I had to give up the goal of the full distance.

My legs are now in good shape with no niggling injuries. My left heel is _still_ slightly troubling me, so I simply have to be careful and pay attention to that.

I have done three runs this week:

Monday 29 Nov 2010
Wednesday 1 December 2010
Friday December 3 2010

The Melbourne Half I did:

Sunday October 10 2010

The race was _terrible_. I did not feel fresh and was generally lacking in energy. I had done no running for two weeks and the training I had done was not very good.

Anyway I feel pretty good now, and am going to try and do some higher intensity shorter runs, maintaining good form and pace. I will do this for the rest of this year and then begin training for another marathon. And that one will be the Gold Coast event again. IO will plan a training program and get it on my calendar in the next few weeks.

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