Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three runs over 23, 28th and 30 May 2013

I did another 5km easy Thursday 23 May, with first one 30sec speed run, then 4x20sec with 30 rest with people from work.

I missed the ParkRun on the weekend, slept in.

Did a run on Tuesday 28 - 5km easy plus 1km at sub 4min/km pace. Then 6x 20 speed with a 30sec walk rest. Ran with people from work

Finally I did a fairly fast 5km at 4min30 average pace - with a 4:12 last 1km. I then did 5x20 sec fast with a 30 sec walk rest. I then did one 200 fast  with Andrew from work.

The regular speedy runs are certainly getting easier. I may step it up a gear, do some 300's and 400's once a week

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