Friday, October 30, 2009

Bron Bay Lighthouse 10km race

Date: Sun, Oct 25, 2009 5:58 AM
Avg Pace: 04:54 min/km
Distance: 10.19 km

This is quite a tough race, with a climb of 87 metres in about 3km's, plus a 2km stretch along Tallows Beach. We did what we could to get as many hills in as possible, but there are none in our area that really match this one.

I got to the top completely shagged, and went to grab two cups of water at the station - Picked up two empty cups, so had to run around again to get some water.. I was resolved to run at the stations, but walked round, and lost a fair bit of time.

The beach section was anothr thing I am not at all used to. There was a bit of soft sand to run on to reach the wet / hard area, and that sucks a lot of eenergy out of you. I definately need to get better general fitness so I can handle the vriety that this race provided.

Overall, considering th really bad preparation I have done, disruptions due to my knee problem, I did ok. Am really happy to have completed the run and had a great time afterwards, staying in a nice resort and relaxing the rest of the day.

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