Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gym crosstraining RPM classes

While I am recovering from my bad knee I have been doing a few RPM classes - a quick explanation of what happens:

- Instructor with microphone
- Terrible music !!! Several 'tracks'
- Exercise bike with a good load control feature
- 45 minutes to an hour
- Various combinations of speed, high load, standing, sitting and even stretching

What this does is reduce the stress on legs, but gives muscles a good workout. The best part though is the aerobic workout. It gets the heart rate way up and I really do think I have received significant benefit from it. I have only done three sessions, but I think I will icorporate as many as I can in a week.

I think I will re-arrange my schedule to have an extra day off from running in the week and supplement with an RPM class, I am sure it will result in a faster pace in general.

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