Friday, August 5, 2011

1.5 Easy, 10km LT, 1.5km easy - LT == 4:29min/km

Warmup - 2.3km instead of 1.5km:

10km LT:

1.5 Warm down:

Managed to do 4:25min/km average pace, and it felt reasonably comfortable. I had felt tired and irritable all day, and on the way home in the train I suddenly developed a cough. After the run I felt great though..

Later in the night the cough got rapidly worse. I kept waking up, aching, coughing, felling ill. And today, full body aches, sweats, and thoroughly ill. This feels like a full blown flu this time. The fact it came on so suddenly..

Rather annoying this. A great run and now most likely at least a week off running, maybe more. It may be a blessing in disguise of course. I was working pretty hard. The problem is that my training program requires steady build up of pace and distance in the speed and temp runs, and increasing pace in the long runs. SO I may have to revise things when it comes time to step out and run again.

Oh yeh and - Is this bad run of illness due to too much running? I doubt it. Work colleagues have been ill, as have their families. And there is a flue season coming on right now. SO I think its normal, and nothing to do with too much running. And its still a good thing to get ill now rather than 1 month or a week before the race. I still have time to improve fitness and give the race a good go.

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