Friday, August 12, 2011

8 days illness.

Been ill since Thursday 4th August. 8 days in total. I still have a reasonably bad cough, but am back at work since yesterday. 4 straigt days of fever, and one of th worst coughs I can recall ever having. Doctor says a flu like illness. Did not seem bothered to try and detirm what flu strain. I doubt it matters.

I have been extremely irritable, I cannot take crap from anyone. I am trying not to be offensive but its hard!! Yesterday, I spoke to a friend and the very first thing they said was 'You aren't training too much are you? It really irritated me, enough that I snapped back. Something along the lines of 'Its an effing virus, you know, what even idle unfit people that spend all their spare time in front of the TV can get'

I am actually quite fed up with people trotting out this crap. I am in touch with my health, much more so that anyone else I know. Its in my best interests to do so. And for people to some how be knowledgeable enough to assume that I am 'training too hard' when its damn well flu season, and every man and his dog is coming down with something. Uggh it just pisses me off.

I know it sounds nasty, but its as if they are somehow vindicating or justifying their own idleness and lack of exercise by my apparent 'unhealthy' state. I thinks it is just plain rude to say such things without KNOWING the full story. I don't make broad assumptions about them and blurt it out.

Anyway I need to drop this negative thought process and get better. Doctor says its a virus and assured me it has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with being 'run down ' or training too hard. Its something that affects perfectly healthy individuals as much as it does those suffering from 'too much training'. Humph !!!

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