Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6x800 at 4:41 pace

Warmup !!!


The run:




Managed to do this one much better than previous efforts. Paces for each:


I was much closer to the goal pace of 3min41 this time, again this is evidence that I am getting fitter, so I am very pleased. The hard work is beginning to pay off. I felt like I could push hard for the first time this year...

That fact that I find it difficult to hit the goal pace of 3min41 for 6 x 800m yet I was able to do 3min40/km for 3km in a row a couple of weeks ago is odd. I think its clear that I was a little rested when I did the 3km TT, and the run was almost certainly enhanced by cold medication too I realise. Maybe when I am properly rested again I will be able to repeat the performance.

I am still feeling a little sore from the long run on the weekend. I have a 10 run at LT pace - 4min29/km pace on Thursday. I like these runs they seem to suite me well, so I am looking forward to it. I then have a 21km Sunday at 4min39 pace.

This week is a slightly lower mileage week so I should make a little bit of recovery too. That should set me up to do the speed runs next week a whole lot better too. Next week 20min warm 2(6x(400,1:30RI), 2:30RI) 20min. The pace will be a little quicker than 3min40 too so it will push me a bit.

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