Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally got back to decent running - 32km at MP+19 ==4min49 pace and the WA method carb load

I have had a pretty terrible time of it lately. Ill since Thursday 4th August 2011. Bad flu. I still have the cough 17 days later !!!

I had a tempo run scheduled for Thursday 18th, but just did not feel up for it. I got about 1.5 km in and fell appart again, coughing and nearly throwing up. I was trying to run and breath, and trying to not cough at all as I wanted to knock the junk off my chest. It got to a point where the urge to cough was overwhelming. It was horrible. So I pulled up, and rested, then ran again doing a couple of pacey 1 km or near enough distances.

I won't list the runs here they are` rather pathetic :)

I attempted a 32km run at 4min49 pace today 21 August 2011, but pulled up at 27.8km, having managed to hold it together for an average pace of 4min56. Compared to what I was capable of last weekend - where I could not run any more than 12km of my long run I have made a huge amount of progress getting over the illness. The run recorded:

I failed yet again to reach the full distance, tanked at around 25km, where I started to slow from the pace I was supposed to do. I think I simply did not have enough legs, everything else was ok. I am still coughing and feeling ever so slightly unwell. I rate myself about 85% right now so I have a way to go to improve.

I also did the WA method carb loading. I think it did no harm having done a few speed runs in the dog park with MAX our dog the day before the long run. I ate well, attempting to jamb as much carb food into my gob as possible over the Saturday. I think the WA Method carb loading worked ok. I need to fine tune it, particularly the run the day before. I did not do precisely 2min30 at 3min26 pace, as I had our dog MAX with me so next time I will do strictly what is prescribed. Energy levels were quite good the whole way though so I have reason to feel more optimistic now about my running

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