Monday, August 15, 2011

29km at MP+19 == 4:49

Failed dismally yesterday. 9 days since I came down with flu. I still have the lingering cough, and yesterday I could only manage 12kms before I felt I had to stop. After stopping, I had a coughing fit for nearly 10 minutes. Clearly I am not well yet!!

Its a bit disappointing to go from a brilliant 10km tempo at 4min25pace 9 days ago, doing it EASY and feeling great and do this run yesterday, barely holding 5:10 pace for only 12km. Heartrate was up at about 144bpm avrage for the run, so its certain that I am a bit tressed from illness.

Anyway it was good to get out and run again. Muscles are really quite sore afterwards. I have a tough speed session tomorrow evening. Not sure how I should attack it, whether I should back off little on pace or not. I will see how I feel at the time.

It feels like I have lost a month of conditioning, not 9 days.. I have effectively missed two long runs - a 21km and a 29 from yesterday. A tally of the runs I missed:

7th August 21km at 4min39 pace
9th August 6x400
11th August 5km Short Tempo
14 August 29km at 4min49 pace

Looking at it this way it does not look so bad, only 4 runs. But every little bit counts if I want to make it on race day with the ability to run a 3hr10 Marathon !!

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